Mara Devereux


Born : 1932, New York

Education : 1948 thru 1975
Brooklyn Museum Art School
Art Students Leauge, Ny Studied with George Grosz
Liverpool College of Art, Liverpool, England
Slade School, London, England / Studied painting with Larry Rivers Greatneck, Ny
Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, M.A. degree
Institute of Classical Art

Museum Exhibition : 1950 thru 1974
Brooklyn Museum, NY / Invitation
Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara
Worcester Museum of Art, Worcester, MASS
Hecksher Museum, Huntington, NY

Special Exhibition : 1962 thru 1970
"Women Symbol and Image", Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, CA
"Exquisite Torsi", David Stuart Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"Museum of Merchandise", Philadelphia, PA / Artist - Andy Warhol, Christo and Mara Devereux

Selected Gallery Exhibitions : 1962 thru 1993
Rolf Nelson Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Vallery College Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Art Association, Los Angeles, CA
San Fernado Art Gallery, San Fernando, CA
Synanon Fund Exhibition, Santa Monica, CA
Museum of Merchandise Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA
San Bernadino College, San Bernadino, CA
The Egg & I Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Lebitan Gallery, Soho, New York
Ankrum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Otis Art Institute Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Wilshire Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
David Stuart Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Lytton Center of Visual Arts, Los Angeles, CA
Ester Robles Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
U.S.C. Santa Barbara Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
Multiples Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Koslow / Rale Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
LA veranda, Beverly Hills, CA


Commissions : 1964 thru 1985
Lipton Tea Co. NY
Gay Blair, Beverly Hills, CA
Design Squad Inc., NY
Two's Co., NY
Bloomingdales, NY
Saks Fifth Ave., NY
Two Guys from Italy - Restaurant Mural, Hollywood, CA
Sculptural Product Selected by Museum of Morden Art, NY
Cindy Williams - Portrait of Emily
Canon Communications Santa Monica, CA

MFA Scholarship : 1962
Otis - Parsons Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Scholarship : 1975
Institute of Classical Art, NY, NY

1997 : Recommendation for inclusion in the millennium edition of : " Who's who of American Women"

1962 to 1995
Married to artist Robert Dowd, Deceased " Who's who in American Art"

Selected Collections : 1968 thru 2001
Frederick Wiseman Collection, Beverly Hills, CA
Betty Asher Collection, Brentwood, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Smith, Pasadena, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Sabal, Villanova. PA
Mr. James Hawthorne, Hawaii
Mayor & Mrs. Stanley Robertson, Conneaut, Ohio
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Labiner, Beverly Hills, CA
Eugene Butler Collection, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Solomon, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Lalane, Hollywood, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Venger Collection, Beverly Hills, CA
Dino Rossi Collection, Beverly Hills, CA
Ralph Piccarelli Collection, Beverly Hills, CA
Gaye Blair, Beverly Hills, CA
William Burn, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Aronson, Los Angeles, CA
Walter Hopps Collection, Houston, TX
Mr. & Mrs. Lessing Solov, Beverly Hills, CA
Dr. William Kramer, Los Angeles, CA
Ms. Loretta Kerner, Brooklyn, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Gustin, Beverly Hills, CA
R. Steve Weber, Burbank, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Barton, Beverly Hills, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Freedman, Beverly Hills, CA
Mr. & Mrs. William Greer, Grosse Point, Mich
Dr. Leland Johnson, Los Angeles, CA
Dorothy Patton, Montrose, Colorado
La Verne Cramer, Palos Verde, CA
Steve Rodman, Boston, MASS
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Prince, Beverly Hills, CA
Karen Edwards, NY, NY
Howard Bond, Pasadena, CA
Howard Lowery, Hollywood, CA
Guy Hithe, Los Angeles, CA
Francis K. Savage, Atlanta, GA
Robert Klein Collection, Malibu, CA
Andre De Montesquiu, Van Nuys, CA
Lee Robertson, Los Angeles, CA
Pierre Merkl III, San Francisco, CA
Cindy Williams, Malibu, CA
Gloria Rucker, Orange, CA
Chalie & Kelly Brogdon, Reseda, CA
Steve Gunning, Venice, CA
Sy Waronker, Beverly Hills, CA
Mr. & Mrs. David Bruskin
Harold Green, Las Vegas, NV
Elias Garcia Trujillo, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Stanley Singer, Sherman Oaks, CA
Edward H Schreck Jr., Northport, NY
Dr. Stanley Kaplan, San Francisco, CA
John Tausche, NY
Thomas Szolblom, Washington, DC
Diane O'conner & Bill Culbert, Santa Monica, CA
Shelly Raspi, Montrose, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wainer, N. Hollywood, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Geoge Jackson, Hancock Park, CA


Artist's Statement

My works, as abstract movements on paper or canvas, convey meanings beyond realism and words. I make
the chaos of my impressions, emotions, sensations and abstract throughts comprehensible to the viewer as
form, color, composition and light.

My creative process evolves through the mind's eye of the viewer. My hope is that the viewer's own artistic
perception and thought processes are stimulated and enhanced by my work.

These images are not puzzles or at all random. They solve problems of time and space. Of course, I retain the
right of decision. Each line and form I put down unfolds and develops the piece, determining its future. Sometimes
a battle ensures and the piece becomes an act of search and destroy. Paintings that do not develop to satisfy
my efforts and intent face destruction.

Albert Einstein, in his Evolution of Physis (1938), stated that "The formulation of a problem is more essential than
its solution, which may be a matter of mathematical or experimental skill... To raise new questions, new possibilities,
and makes real advances in science." My pintings question me and these questions drive the advances in my art.

I have always felt -- throughout my life -- somewhat invisible. When someone says, "hello," I am shocked into my
own skin! So it is with my work, which is a metaphor for myself, making me visible. My search through time and space
keeps me from nothingness.

Mara Devereux, September 23, 2000 / Los Angeles, California



Who's Who in American Art 2005 ~ 2006

26th Edition



b. Brooklyn, NY, Jun 9, 339. Study : Great Neck, NY Studio, 50; Art Students League,
52; Otis Art Inst, MFA, 64; Liverpool Col Art, Eng:NY Accad Art, NY. Comn: Plaster
Sculpture, Saks Fifth Ave., NY, 90; Plaster Sculpture, Bloomingdale, NY, 90; Works on paper,
Lipton Tea Co., Inglewood, NJ, 91; Oil Canvas, Canon Communications, Santa Monica, Calif.
2000: Acrylic Canvas, Bret Mosher Builder, Los Angeles, Calif, 2004. Exhib.: Brooklyn Mus, NY,
51; hecksher Mus, Huntington, NY 80:Santa Barbara Mus, Calif, 74; Juju Int, Seogwipo Kidang,
Jeju Island, 2004; Art Festival Mus, Korea, 2004. Collection Arranged : Frederick Wiseman Collection,
Calif; Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Labiner, Calif; Dino Rossi Collection, Calif; Mr. James Hawthorne, Hawaii;
Karen Edwards, NY. Awards; Otis Parsons Inst, MFA, Los Angeles, Calif; Inst Classical Art, NY.
Bibliog: Elizabeth Gorcy (auth), An Artists Life, Film Documentary, 2003; Laurence Vittes (auth), The
Invisible Made Visible, Sr Life, 2004. Mem: Metrop Aritst Asn, Los Angeles, Calif. Media: Oil, Acrylic,
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923 East Third St. Los Angeles, CA 90013. Mailing Add: 661 Shatto PL. Unit 100, Los Angeles,
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